Reflections from Whisky Live

The BullionAndWine Table

After over a year and a half of slowly talking, asking, building relationships, building prototypes and everything else one does to determine if there is any validity to what we are doing……We bit the silver bullet and put ourselves and our artifacts out into the market to see, feel and listen to what it thought.

Designed by Albert Meli of Continuous Recall our Wall Art looked superb.

Wall Art

Designed by Albert Meli of Continuous Recall our Wall Art looked superb.

Our Wall Art looked great but we were denied using it as the organisers lost it.

“How the hell were we going to attract people to our stand now?”

We almost pulled the pin at that stage.

Friends convinced us to persist.

We did.

They were right. The boxes would attract people anyway.

They did.

Nervous to the point of nausea when the first session started. Thinking “what the hell are we doing here? 45 Whisky vendors and a box guy?!”

Well what we discovered, had confirmed and generally felt great about was the following…..

  • We created awareness
  • Quality was confirmed by master builders and carpenters
  • Much to our and the attendees delight No-one had seen these artefacts before
  • Pricing was reasonable
  • Market Niches we were considering were validated.
  • Fellow exhibitors were impressed and generous with their time, products and advice

We walked away after 3 sessions over two days foot sore but pleased and encouraged.

So take a look below and see what it looked like.

We will see you at the World of Whisky Show 10 & 11 August, Stamford Plaza, 111 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

And Finally I would like to thank My Wife Mary and one of our best friends Mel Stehr for their wonderful help and support.

They made the table and the event great in their own great way…..take a look

The Flagship - The Original Bullion Box takes center position at the table.
The BullionandWine Table
Aqua Vitae Short and the Millennial bullion boxes
Aqua Vitae Tall Bullion Box
The BullionAndWine Table
Our Neighbors across the road