Design Your Own Bullion Box

Here at Bullionandwine customisation of our Bullion Boxes is preferred simply because it ensures the box ends up beautifully tailored for the recipient(s) and the occasion.

Please understand. These boxes are handmade by craftsman with decades of experience. They take their work seriously. They use rare hardwoods and are very much passionate artists who love a challenge. Therefore…

A 4-8 week lead time is required once the order is finalised.

We carry limited stock.

We do have an off the shelf design. You may order it as is, tweak it a little.

Or, use it as a starting point and contact us.

And so this creative journey begins…

  • Before Contacting Us Scribble down
    • Who is the recipient(s) ?
    • What is the occasion ?
    • What fine drop(s) are you considering ?
    • Is there anything the individual(s) particularly love that can be incorporated into the box?
  • Contact us. We can then begin the design process..
    • This will likely include exchanges of images and text
      • including images from the workshop
      • layout images of bottles, gold, silver, coasters you name it…
      • information on dimensions of various objects that are to be placed in the box
    • Emails
    • and anything else needed to crystallise the design
  • At this point a finalised and itemised order needs to be placed along with a 50% deposit.
  • You will receive a document that clearly states what is to be delivered along with a delivery date.
  • You may contact us for updates on production and we will happily send you images of the artifact during its creation.
  • Delivery is not included in the price. Depending upon the contents their may be a need for a special delivery process that is more secure than normal.


As you would have appreciated by now, this not a mass produced artifact, but a gift of your time, thought, imagination and passion.