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At Bullion and Wine, we've captured the flavor of elegance, luxury, and sophistication, to give you an exclusive Australian experience. Sample the richest tastes that Australia has to offer, designed for people who deserve nothing less than the best. After all, why should the gift you give be any less incredible than the occasion you're celebrating?

Our unique gift boxes are a statement of quality and beauty, crafted with a clear focus on value, rarity, and impact. Every component of your exceptional artefact comes with its own potent history, and an unrivalled collection of sumptuous wine, scarce Australian gold, stunning silver, and hardwood craftsmanship.

All boxes are hand crafted by an Australian artisan from rare and beautiful Australian hardwoods. Our flagship “Bullion Box” is made of Jarrah with a Tasmanian Fiddleback lid and Huon Pine highlights.

The timbers in the lids are made from a variety of Australian native species, some of which are highly figured and quite rare.

What you see is a superb example of what we can do. BUT, every feature is customisable. Branding, wine, spirit, personalisation, contents, compartments, hardwood species, locks, size, shape are some the features that can be customised.

Remember, this is a rare and unique outstanding gift for an outstanding occasion. Your creative input and imagination is what will set this apart. So Please ASK!

The “Bullion Box” is not what you are looking for, not sure what you want, have a special item that needs a one off home? Set your creativeness free and talk to us about building a low cost prototype.

The beautiful and luxurious velvet inlay is hand crafted by an artisan whose career spans over 40 years. Notable works include gift packaging for gifts given to Prince Charles & Lady Dianna, The Prime Minister of Japan and presentation cases for the Australian Formula 1 GP and the Australian Motor Cycle GP

The 2009 MESHACH Shiraz hails from the Grant Burge Winery in the Barossa Valley. This Gold Medal Wine is made from vines that are nearing 100 years of age.

Each Box is uniquely numbered with a .925 Sterling Silver Plate.

Gold & Silver bars & coins, minted at the Perth Mint, & sourced from our friends at Gold Bullion Australia are presented in a luxurious velvet inlay.

When quality really counts…

Bullion and Wine are the answer. If you're searching for the gift experience that either your “loved one, venerable colleague or admirable mortal” will always remember, what could be more appealing than an exclusive taste of the luxury lifestyle? Each of our boxes are crafted from exceptional Australian hardwood, and filled with gold and silver coins and bars, minted and presented in a stunning bed of velvet.

If a gift of precious metals wasn't enough, the 2009 Meshach Shiraz wine has been crafted from vines almost 100 years old - delivering a taste fortified by culture and history. For bespoke beauty and class, nothing compares to a Bullion and Wine gift.

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